I am a senior Marketing and Sales professional with management experience gained in both national and international positions whilst working with a variety of major US, Asian and European organizations

Apart from trying to be creative I am a driven, ambitious and enthusiastic father of two beautiful daughters. My success comes from being able to strike into layers within all levels of an organization. Always be results driven and try to accomplish a solid record of achievements.


Experienced communicator. Strategic thinker with strong planning and organizational ethics. Strategic and time managed approach with emphasis on results based on company’s needs. Broad global experience with solid understanding of other cultures. Flexible approach for work in volatile and highly competitive markets. Experience of working across entire media landscape. Specialized in new media propositions, content, marketing, games.

At this moment I am building a new company. Two years ago I decided to start following my dream. I took a risk and put all my own savings into a broad and complete plan called The European Game Centre. Its a company which focusses on Creation and broadcast of content for the games market.

Next to that we want to use the available space we have to launch e-health and e-learning programs based on innovative games technology and minimal environmental and ecological pressure.

We believe the games-market with her strength and volume can move mountains and pave ways for new, exciting and innovative projects. Eventually I hope my experience and years of stamina can endorse and motivate young starters to reach higher levels in their dreams, I would like to support them as incubator eventually.

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