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Flowland Café

Today we went to the Flowland Café held in Almere. It’s always good to mingle again with the trusted entrepeneurs, investors and creative companies. The plans and challenges look promising again for 2011.

We are happy our company is part of that group professional well established business people.

Lets make it a creative and innovative 2011.

Fashion designers? Game developers? Documentary Makers? Breeding grounds? Artists? Advertising? Dramatists? Architects? Industrial designers? Publishers? Product Developers? Photographers?

Flow Land is for the creative industries in Flevoland! The organization informs, connects, inspires, initiates, promotes and uses the following principles …

Flow land creative industries in the province of Flevoland. This means, among other means that Flow land renewal and innovation links to creativity. Culture plays a crucial role because of the ‘landscape’ where development force thrives. Culture and space are key actors for the development of a successful creative industries.

A strong creative sector for the province of Flevoland economic importance. This sector – creative creative and innovative – is almost always the starting point of new products and services. In the process chains are grafted many creative disciplines involved. Training, research, development, design, marketing, communication and promotion to sales. The culture in which it can thrive, plays a crucial role. Flow land to play an important role.

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